When I sold my house I should have been sensible and invested the money I made in a property to rent. But you only live once so I decided to have some fun with it.

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! 

I'm so sorry! I've fallen yet further behind so this post will cover the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which was 2 days ago!!  We got up early to get to Universal Studios Florida half an hour early as advised by the Unofficial Guide to Universal. We risked Uber and it worked out well, our... Continue Reading →

Animal Kingdom – my favourite park so far! 

WOW! Well I've found my happy place! As soon as I got to the entrance of Animal Kingdom the wealth of trees and greenery made me fall in love. It's definitely the park I have felt happiest in and that I have felt the most at home in.  Falling in love with Animal Kingdom Our... Continue Reading →

The Magic Kingdom

Wow, we had to get up early this morning! Early admission to the Magic Kingdom was at *7am* so we were queuing for the bus at half 6. It was lovely seeing the day dawn, it really was a beautiful sky. And it was amazing to see the princess castle at last!! 😍 For today's... Continue Reading →


Wow! My first day at Walt Disney World and wow! What an incredible place. Christy did an amazing job at organising Fastpasses so we were able to get up, pick up some breakfast (croissant, pain-au-chocolat, orange juice and a banana. The banana didn't get eaten...) then hit 4 rides by half 10 😱 For my... Continue Reading →

A day at the races! 

OMB, it was an early start this morning! Especially as my body thought it'd get in before my alarm and wake me up at half 7 😱 But it would all be worthwhile as we'd be heading to Cracker Barrel for a real, American breakfast. It fashions itself as an old-fashioned country store and decorates... Continue Reading →

The inspiration behind my blog. 

Meet Joy Henning. Or Joy Senior as she will always be to me. Joy is my oldest friend, literally she's about 100 😂😂😂 Oh OK, I just mean she's the friend I've known the longest in my life.  I remember Joy joining my class at the end of Year 7 (first year at secondary school,... Continue Reading →

A tour of Kentucky. 

So I seem to be running behind on my blog now I'm in Kentucky. Christy and I are doing far too much talking to fit in the time it takes to write a post everyday 😂 Yesterday I had a nice lie-in and sauntered into the living room at 10am-ish. We swapped presents then I... Continue Reading →

A busy last day in Pittsburgh 

For the first time we actually set alarms to get us up and out of the house before midday 😂 Our first stop was Pier One. Oh. My. God. It was like bunny heaven!! We spent the first 10 minutes standing at the entrance of the shop oooing and ahhing over their Easter displays (20%... Continue Reading →

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